In a world full of idols, the saying goes… ‘you should never meet your own idol.’ They should remain an idea, an unobtainable dream that we sit back and wonder… What if? I admire those who say F that and chase their dream; because (when you do meet your idol) standing amongst the smoke and burning rubber is a four-wheeled monster that many know as… GODZILLA!

The title of “GODZILLA” came from the fact that Nissan had developed a race car for the road; solidifying the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R as a true performance machine. From its inception in 1989, it gained a cult following for both its raw looks and the ability for tuners to tweak this ‘Japanese monster’ to the limit of their own imagination.

Anthony Edouard did just that in February 2012. After owning several different Japanese performance cars, he decided it was time to own a car that existed in tuner folklore. It was time to meet his idol.

Having sourced the Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R from Tasmania, Anthony drove the 1,400 kilometres or so back home to Sydney. Instantly falling in love with the car, he used it as his daily drive for the first two-years. But, one day the R32 succumbed to engine failure, he decided it was time… time to turn this daily drive into his very own beast.

Anthony chose to do the rebuild himself, sourcing and fitting most of the parts, but did employ the help of Dahtone Racing and Croydon racing to help with aspects of welding, fabricating and tuning the engines new found power.

A process that took two-years to complete, the R32 is now producing 400 kilowatts at all four-wheels.

This power surge has been delivered through the brand NEW R33 RB26DETT N1 block, a Garrett Gtx3582r twin scroll turbo (which gets a workout when in boost) and is managed by a Haltech Platinum pro ecu.

A remarkable effort for a car that looks like it belongs on a showroom floor and not on the road, leaving other cars in its rear-view mirror.

Six-years on from when Anthony first purchased the R32, he does not plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. In fact, there are future-plans for the car; change the overall interior, upgrade the suspension and a possible respray.

But, whatever the future holds for this Godzilla, we can all agree to one thing… this is an amazing car and will forever remain an idol of past, present and future car tuners.


400kw at the wheels

– Brand new R33 RB26DETT N1 engine
– Nissan genuine n1 crankshaft
– Brian crower sportsman connecting rod
– CP pistons 9:1 comp 86.5mm
– King bearings main bearing
– King bearings connecting rod bearings
– Nissan n1 oil pimp with reimax billet gears
– Platinum racing oil restrictor 1.1mm
– Nissan genuine oil squirters and bolts
– Hi octane extended sump (9 litres ) with extended Nissan oil pick up
– Greddy magnetic sump plug
– ARP 2000 main studs
– Nissan N1 water pump
– Nismo low temp thermostat
– Gates racing timing belt
– ATI racing 1000hp crank pulley with water pump pulley
– ARP crank bolt
– Tomei metal head gasket 88mm
– Brian crower stainless steel 1mm oversized valves both exhaust and intake
– Brian crower bronze valve guides
– Brian crower dual valve springs
– Brian crower titanium retainers
– Brian crower camshaft
– Supertech valve spring seals
– Greddy adjustable cam gears
– Hi octane rocket covers baffle set
– Nismo engine mounts
– ARP 2000 head studs
– Greddy intake manifold
– Greddy grex oil Filter relocation kit with thermostat
– Aeroflow oil cooler
– HKS drag intercooler (600x300x100mm tube & fin design)
– Gktech high performance engine fan with adaptor
– r33 gtr power steering pump
– Aeroflow billet power steering reservoir with Aeroflow braided lines
– Nissan Quest alternator with Aeroflow stainless bracket
– Blitz aluminium radiator
– Aeroflow billet overflow bottle
– Nismo oil and radiator cap
– Dahtone Racing custom catch can ,Aeroflow braided lines , fittings and filters
– Dahtone Racing custom intercooler piping ,air intake, Aeroflow silicone Joiners ,clamps ,filters and aluminium pipe
– Garrett Gtx3582r twin scroll, v-band rear ,0.83 AR housing
– Aeroflow braided lines for oil, water ,drain back for turbo & wastegate lines
– 6Boost turbo exhaust manifold
– Twin Tial MVS 38mm wastegate’s
– Turbosmart Raceport blow off valve
– Tomei expreme titanium catback exhaust
– Venom high flow cat
– Dahtone racing custom dump and front pipe
– Machining for bottom end done by ARA engine reconditioning
– Machining for head done by Westend performance
– Aeromotive 50 litre fuel cell
– Aeromotive A1000 intank fuel pump
– Aeroflow teflon braided fuel lines front to rear
– Aeroflow twin entry fuel rail
– ID injectors 1300cc full stainless steel body
– Aeroflow stainless pro filter
– Aeromotive stainless fuel filter
– Aeromotive A1000 fuel pressure regulator

– R33 gtr series 3 gearbox
– Custom NPC twin plate clutch and billet flywheel built by Western clutches
– Nismo clutch fork pivot ball
– Nismo clutch slave cylinder with Aeroflow braided clutch lines
– Quaife front diff centre
– r32 gtst4 front diff gears 4.375
– Nissan genuine seals and gaskets and bearings ( front / rear diffs )
– ARP flywheel bolts
– Nismo transmission mount
– Nismo rear diff centre
– r32 gtst4 rear diff gears 4.375
– Greddy extended rear diff cover

– Haltech Platinum pro plug in ecu
– Haltech flex fuel sensor
– Haltech I/O expander box
– Haltech can based wide band o2 controller and sensor
– Haltech air temp sensor
– Haltech oil pressure sensor
– Haltech fuel pressure sensor
– Haltech 5 bar ti map sensor
– Turbosmart boost solenoid
– Racepak logger iq3 dash
– Custom dash handmade with billet buttons
– Blitz racing meter sd oil pressure gauge
– Autometer cobalt fuel level gauge

– Mitsubishi evolution 8 front and rear Brembo brakes
– Alpha Omega front and rear brake calliper adapters
– Custom HEL braided brake lines
– Nissan Bm57 brake master cylinder
– DBA T3 slotted discs front and rear
– Endless SST brake pads front and rear
– Project Mu handbrake Shoes
– Brand new abs brake lines (made by BNR brakes)
– ARP extended wheel studs front and rear

– Yokohama Advan Racing GT wheels (18×10+20)
– Hancook R3S tyres (285/35/R18)

– Full body respray custom red wine pearl
– Lightweight fibreglass bonnet
– Aerocatch flush lockable bonnet pins
– N1 front bar
– N1 intercooler ducts
– N1 side skirts
– N1 front and rear pods
– N1 rear window
– Jsai front Lip
– Attain Gt carbon kevlar rear bumper exhaust guard
– Garage Defend radiator panel carbon

– Nardi Personal leather/suede Steering Wheel
– Works bell quick release kit black/red
- Recaro Rs-g front seats
– Recaro asm back protectors and side bolster leather protectors
– Bride seat rails
– Kenwood CD / MP3 head unit
– Fire extinguisher mounted to rear cabin brace

– Tein coilovers
– Ultra Racing bracing bars
– Interior cabin floor brace
– Front & rear guard braces
– 1 Mid trans tunnel brace connecting either side of the tunnel
– 2 rear sub frame braces
– Driftworks adjustable front camber arms
– Driftworks adjustable front caster rods
– Driftworks adjustable rear camber arms
– Driftworks adjustable rear traction rods
– Driftworks hicas elimination kit
– Whiteline front sway bar and links
– Whiteline rear sway bar and links
– Whiteline rear subframe bushes
– Whiteline rear diff mount Bushes
– Nismo rear diff Bushes
– Zss racing axle hub bearings
– Whiteline shock absorber bushes
– Nismo rear control arms