There are very few cars that have expanded the minds of tuners to endless possibilities they can achieve when modifying their own cars. But, what is it that often makes these cars so desirable? Simple… It is their heart. The Nissan Skyline R32 GTR’s heart is like no other. The beautifully designed, well-engineered and highly durable RB engine has been at the top of most people’s list when they decide to build a car. So, when Gus Oberhardt decided to get rid of his iconic VL Turbo, the logical transition was to upgrade to the GODZILLA.

Gus’s interest for Nissan’s and RB powered engines was developed from an early age. His fascination for the R32 grew from the legendary status the cars developed at Bathurst; being the first six-cylinders to become king of the mountain and ultimately causing it to being banned forever from the event.

Although Gus’s very first car was the Holden Commodore VL Calais Turbo, a car many would consider legendary in its own right, there was something that drew him towards the Nissan Skyline R32. Perhaps it was the appeal of AWD, perhaps it was the way it looked or because of its bad boy status, whatever it was, the R32 Godzilla has been with Gus for 10 years now.

When he purchased the car in 2008 it had a few tasteful modifications; gold Sparco wheels, a 3.5 inch stainless exhaust and old school bolstering coilovers. Apart from this, the car was stock standard. The original RB26 motor was starting to feel the effects of years of neglect, so Gus decided it was time to rebuild the engine.

Gus employed the help of his father and the first engine they built together produced 530whp with a Garrett TO4Z turbo and still on pump fuel. This engine saw a good-life, lasting 90,000kms plus, before it needed to be freshened up and go to the next stage of its development.

The only way to go from here was up, and up it did! The RB26 N1 block was decked, honed, bored, tunnelled and chemically cleaned in preparation for some serious abuse. Forged Mahle pistons and rings and Argo ‘I’ beam conrods were fitted to strengthen things, along with ARP studs, N1 water pump and a Greddy oil pump.

The head was also treated to some goodies in the form of 280deg Camtech cams, 1mm oversize stainless valves, titanium retainers and CNC ported head. Hanging from the hot-side of the motor is a well matched Precision 68/70 turbo and Turbosmart 48mm wastegate. The results? Try 898whp @37psi on e85!

Managing the GTR’s moving parts and keeping it in check is a Vipec E88 ECU. Gus has opted for a standard R33 GTR 5 speed gearbox to help put the power down with the addition of a NPC twin plate clutch. The diffs are currently standard and hating life no doubt, but will be upgraded once necessary.

If you’re thinking the colour of this immaculate R32 is not factory, you would be correct. Gus tells us that the car was actually imported in this colour and that no one seems to have answers as to the exact specs. “I imagine some Japanese tuner starting with bayside blue and adding some tints”. The idea was to keep the exterior clean with the addition of CF Ganador mirrors, CF ABflug diffuser, CF N1 boot/bonnet lip and JUN grill.

Wheels can make or break a build. On Gus’s GTR the 19×10.5 Custom 3 Piece Forged Ms Comp 10’s complement the bodylines perfectly and are wrapped in Nitto invo tyres all round for that extra bit of grip. Lurking behind the spokes are a set of R33 GTR Brembo brakes with EBC green stuff pads, while BC Type R coilovers take care of the ride quality.

As per the rest of the build, the interior has the same quality feel. The Bride Gias seats do what they should, the Nismo steering wheel / gear knob give the driver the hands on grip, while the Stewart Warner gauges and Mines 320km dash provide the data.

The future plans for the car are simple… stroke the engine when it has had enough and install a decent H-pattern gearbox; because in Gus’s eyes, a sequential gearbox is cheating 😉 .

Gus would like to give a big thank you to his dad for all the help, support and guidance he has provided over the past 10 years. But, the biggest thank you goes to his wife Sarah for putting up with his obsession.


– 793rwhp on 27psi and e85
– 898rwhp on 37psi and e85  

– N1 block decked, honed, bored, tunnelled and chemically cleaned shot peened and nitrated.
– Fully prepped crankshaft with shot-peening as well as the block.
– Argo ‘ I’ beam conrods
– Forged Mahle pistons and rings,
ARP main studs and head studs
N1 water pump.
Greddy oil pump
Baffled Hi Octane extended sump
Ross crank/ cam trigger kit
FPG alternator
280deg Camtech cams
Super tech:
1mm oversize stainless valves
Double valve springs
Bronze valve guides
Titanium retainers
Cnc ported head
Cometic head gasket
Hi octane cam cover baffles
HKS timing gears/belt
Godzilla Motorsport coil kit
Custom exhaust manifold
Precision PTE 68/70
Turbosmart 48mm wastegate
Tial 50mm BOV
HKS hard pipes
HKS intercooler
50mm jap copper radiator
Nismo strut brace
Custom catch can
ID 2000 injectors
Twin feed billet fuel rail
Eflex sensor
Twin Bosch 044 pumps
Walbro 460L intank pump
2.8L surge tank
4” turbo back exhaust
K&n pod filter
Jun oil cap
Nismo radiator cap

– NPC twin plate clutch
– STD R33 GTR 5 speed

– Vipec E88

– R33 GTR Brembo’s
EBC green stuff pads
Braided brake lines

– Custom 3 Piece Forged Ms Comp 10’s
– 19×10.5/ 275/30 Nitto invo tyres all round

– CF Ganador mirrors
CF Abflug diffuser
CF N1 boot lip/bonnet lip
JUN grill

– Bride Gias seats
Nismo gear Knob
Nismo steering Wheel
Stewart Warner gauges
Mines 320km dash

– BC Type R coilovers
Front and rear camber arms