I always have my camera ready. The reason being, you never know when you are going to have to capture a truly memorable moment… Like the time I had the chance to ride in the infamous SAVANA Rx3 coupe and tick off one of my bucket list items; taking a ride in a 26B powered street car.

The chance came, one day, when I was at RP CUSTOMS sorting out some issues with my Rx2. I wanted the Rx2 to be in perfect working order because I was going to sell it and then begin putting all my focus into building my RB26 powered S14. That’s when I noticed SAVANA sitting quietly in the workshop.

Now, SAVANA is not your average Rx3. Powered by a 550hp naturally aspirated 26B power plant, an engine setup usually associated with the Le Mans 787B and Mad Mike. The guys at RP CUSTOMS were nice enough to take me for a ride along, so I could experience what a 4-rotor Rx3, that revs to 12,000 RPM, felt like on the road.

As the engine was fired up, my camera was already recording. I was about to see first-hand if all the hype surrounding this 4-Rotor was real.

Needless to say SAVANA lived up to the hype. The raw power that the car produces, needs to be experienced in person, as it throws you back into your seat and leaves you breathless. Mix that power in with an engine sound that is, usually only, reserved for race cars and you have a truly remarkable street car.

Full feature on this car in the coming months.