In the nation’s capital we are unfortunately limited in numbers when it comes to the modified car community. But amongst these quiet suburban streets that surround Parliament House, you may have encountered flashes of purple fly past you, pops and bangs through the night or stared in confusion at what looks to be a broken car with deformed wheels. If any of these sound familiar to you, chances are you’ve probably seen Andy’s Nissan S15 Silvia; AKA “Samurai”.

Originally a bone stock ADM 200SX spec GT in Pewter Grey, Andy’s car has undergone progressive but constant changes throughout the years of ownership – but more on the mods later. Like so many others in the same generation, growing up through teenhood Andy was influenced by shows like Initial D, Tokyo Drift and games like Need for Speed Underground and Midnight Club. Emerging from these pop culture influences was a desire to eventually own his own Japanese sports car in the future.

Eventually, he found his Nissan S15; the quintessential ‘boy racer’ car that so many wanted to get a hold of. During a time where stock S15’s were a much more accessible commodity in the market, Andy didn’t have to look too long to find his base platform for his modding journey.

Beginning with basic aesthetic mods, Andy crafted his car to be his own and unique and for some time, the power was more than enough for his daily driving needs (especially having upgraded from a Toyota Celica!). Bound by his casual salary earnt from his part time job meant that a lot of mods had to be DIY however Andy has never been alone when it comes to modding his car. His dad, a proficient drive shaft mechanic has never hesitated to help out fabricate parts or just provide his advice where needed.

Fast forward a few years after the car’s initial purchase, and the modding bug for Andy started to bite hard. HKS Coilovers, GK Tech suspension arms and wide wheels helped to constantly push the acceptable boundaries for what was considered ‘low’ for a car. Currently the car is running an aggressive set of SSR SP3’s in Shadow Chrome, coupled with his signature shotgun cap wheel nut covers.

In addition to the wheels Andy slowly added all the carbon skirts, lips and rear diffusers you can think of to provide a sleeker finished look to the car. The look however was still yet to take its final form and through countless hours of practice and self-patience, Andy bravely wrapped his own car in midnight purple.

To achieve his planned power goals, Andy opted for a Garret 2871r with a custom T04 compressor housing, 6boost high mount manifold, Turbosmart external waste gate, GReddy camshafts and supporting cooling, ignition, fueling and head work necessary to keep the package reliable to drive every day. To manage all this, the car runs a Haltech Platinum Pro and has managed to achieve a healthy 260kw at the wheels.

Interior wise, the car has been tastefully modified with the most notable item being the bright red Bride seats that are cool enough (and functional) to justify the uncomfortable long distance trips to car events in Sydney or Wakefield. A set of functional gauges to monitor all the engine’s vitals like oil temps, pressure and boost were a later but necessary touch to give Andy some piece of mind when pushing his car at the track.

For as long as Andy has owned his S15, he’s always had a new mod or upgrade to his car to keep himself busy. Each month heralding a new item whether it be as simple as scoring an authentic JDM Aero front bar or in more extreme cases, a complete turbo overhaul. Fundamentally, it’s changes to your car that often keep enthusiasts passionate and bound to their pride and joy which allows for the journey to be more memorable than the end destination. And while nothing is forever, Andy is currently happy enjoying the car for what it is and has no immediate plans for any major changes in the new year.


– 350rwhp on 17psi and 98

– Supertech valve springs
– Supertech titanium retainers
– Supertech valve guides
– Supertech valve stem seals
– Dual guide shim mod
– Stainless steel valves
– Cosmetic head gasket
– ARP head studs
– GReddy 264 cams
– Tomei rocker arm stoppers
– GT2871R with custom T04S compressor housing and anti-surge porting
– Turbosmart external wastegate
– Steampipe high mount manifold
– Split Fire coil packs
– Sard FPR
– 3inch custom exhaust
– A-Spec blast pipes
– Apexi ECV
– Custom spark plug cover
– Front mount intercooler
– Nismo 740cc injectors
– Walbro 255L fuel pump
– 52mm alloy radiator
– GKTech fan
– GKTech oil catch can
– GKTech eccentric throttle wheel
– GKTech cooling panel
– 4inch alloy intake
– K&N pod filter
– Cold air intake
– Nismo oil cap
– Nismo radiator cap
– Engine damper
– Odyssey battery with custom mounting bracket

– Exedy HD organic clutch
– S15 6 speed gearbox
– GKTech braided clutch line

– Haltech Platinum Pro ECU
– Haltech wideband

– S15 calipers
– Forza Racing FP3 pads
– DBA slotted front and rear rotors
– GKTech braided brake lines
– GKTech master cylinder stopper

– SSR Professor SP3 18×9.5 +18, 18×10.5 +18
– Pirelli P-Zero 225/40/18, 235/40/18

– Wrapped 3M Deep Space
– Genuine Nissan aero body kit
– Genuine fog lights
– Custom front lip
– JSAI front canards
– JSAI side skirt and rear pod extensions
– Custom side skirt vortex generators
– Carbon Top Secret diffuser
– Carbon diffuser vortex generators
– Yashio Factory LED taillights
– Custom rear gurney flag
– Carbon exhaust shield
– Origin Labo carbon roof wing
– Nismo side indicators
– GKTech mirrors
– Black Works Racing tow hook

– Nardi Torino deep corn steering wheel
– NRG short boss kit
– NRG quick release
– Bride LowMax Stradia seats
– KAP Industries fire extinguisher bracket
– Drift handbrake button
– Prosport oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, boost gauges
– Haltech Wideband gauge
– Double DIN headunit
– Pioneer front and rear speakers
– 2x Pioneer 12inch subs in custom sub boxes

– HKS Hypermaxx coilovers
– Whiteline camber bolts
– Adjustable rear camber arms
– Adjustable rear toe arms
– Front and rear strut braces