Cars have a unique way of shaping the lives of the individuals who own them. They tend to become an extension of the owner. Every aspect of the build, from the internals to the exterior, becomes increasingly more about the owners wants, needs, likes, dislikes, dreams and expectations.

As you begin to read this article, I can guarantee you that you have already thought of that one car that has either shaped your life or that car you want to build into a weapon… That dream car. But, what would happen if that car you always dreamt about was not the one that brought you happiness? What if you had to get rid of your ‘dream’ car, to realise that the one you wanted was a car that was used by many, but rarely thought of as one of the meanest, nastiest and quickest street cars going around? What would you do then?

Ray Loulach had the answer. Get rid of the poster car. Ray owned a highly modified Subaru WRX for many years in the mid 2000’s. As we all know, the Rexy was idolised by many, but Ray wanted to change it up. He wanted something different… Something unique. Like many of us, we watch videos online of cars and see what they can achieve. That’s what happened to Ray. He came across a few videos that were uploaded by SpeedFactory of a Honda Civic destroying anything and everything that was in its way and he knew that that’s what he needed to have. So, in 2012 he bought the Civic you see in the photos as a rolling shell and got it all up and running himself.

Ray’s goal at the start was to build a nice, fun, daily drive. So, naturally the first build produced 330Kw on 18psi. That is some huge power for a front-wheel drive car, that was built for the street. But, as time progressed Ray wanted to change it up, he wanted more power. Having done the initial build himself, Ray thought it would be fitting for him to destroy the engine before he moved on. But, the engine would not die and eventually sold the engine to his mate, who is still using it to this day.

Ray decided the next set up would be a little more extreme, it was time to chase a 4 digit power figure. To achieve the desired results Ray started off with a B18C2 block, and believe it or not a factory crank out of a B20 (89mm crank). The rest of the build consists of Bme aluminium rods, a set of Speed-factory outlaw pistons, custom made head gasket made by West End Performance, CNC ported outlaw race head and Web Racing pro drag cams.

Hanging off the block is a giant Garrett GTX4202R turbocharger with a 1.01 rear housing and a 4 inch dump pipe. The 10,800 RPM rev range this setup is capable of is like a symphony to the ears! To accommodate the oversized turbo Ray opted for a Sfwd outlaw intercooler, twin 44mm Tial waste-gates, much needed 2200cc injectors and 4 Bosch 044 fuel pumps.

The drivetrain remains relatively simple for the moment and surprisingly still retains the factory gearbox, with the clutch being upgraded to a triple plate item.

The brains behind the operation is a Haltech Elite 2500 ecu which features a traction control setup with boost by gear and speed. This comes in very handy when you have a 1000hp front wheel drive Honda that weighs next to nothing.

Getting all of that power to the ground through the front wheels was never going to be easy. A set of drag 275 wide 15 inch ET streets were put up with the difficult task of trying to keep the car in a straight line, while Type R callipers and DBA slotted rotors make sure the car can stop in time. The suspension has not been forgotten with a full Hard-race catalogue supplied by JDMYard.

The result of all the hard work is a peak power output of 1011hp at the wheels on 55psi in race trim. Yes that’s right, over 1000hp coming from an EG Civic. Current power for street duties is sitting at around 800hp with no nitrous on e85.

Ray’s intention was always to race the car down the ¼ mile. It went 140mph on 25psi, until the 1st to 3rd gear pull decided to blow 4th gear and get the car booted out for not having a roll cage. On paper the car should run 8.60s at 170mph.

Yes, it’s what’s inside that counts, but there is no harm in looking good too! The body of the Civic was treated to a refresh in the form of subtle custom paint, and not so subtle wide front guards to fit the monster front tyres. The interior features what you would expect to find in a 1000hp Civic, race seats, eBoost and a Racepak dash that shows Ray everything he needs to know.

As the Civic moves into the future, Ray is aiming high… He wants to own the record for the fastest radial front-wheel drive car in Australia. He plans on achieving this by fitting up some drag slicks and trying to run an 8 second pass. A huge effort for this pocket-rocket.


1011hp at the wheels on 55psi

– Engine b18c2 block/b16a head
– Darton mid sleeved 84mm bore
– Speed Factory outlaw pistons
– Bme alloy rods
– 89mm crank
– King bearings
– Arp main studs
– Type R oil pump with billet gear
– Custom sump
– Custom made head gasket
– Custom made fire rings
– 1/2inch l19 head studs
– Cnc ported outlaw race head
– Full Ferrea valve train catalog
– Web racing pro drag cams
– Skunk2 drag intake manifold 5.5ltr
– 90mm throttle body
– Sfwd outlaw intercooler
– 3.5inch intercooler pipe
– Bwr outlaw race top mount turbo manifold
– Twin 44mm Tial waste-gates
– Gtx4202r 1.01 rear housing
– R35 GTR coil packs t1 trigger kit
– 2200cc injectors
– 4 Bosch 044 fuel pumps

– Stock gearbox
– Drive shafts dss 5.9s
– Clutch triple plate competition clutch

– Haltech elite 2500ecu
– Traction control setup boost by speed and gear

– Type R callipers
– DBA slotted discs
– EBC pads

– Drag front end 275 50 15

– Custom paint
– Shaved boot shaved Ariel

– Eboost
- Racepak dash
– Nitrous arming switches
– Water pump controller
– Race seats

– Suspension Full hard race catalogue supplied by JDM Yard