The word ‘evolution,’ in the scientific world, looks at the theory of how living things change over time, and how they have come to be the way they are. But, in the car tuner world, the word ‘evolution,’ is linked to one of the most iconic cars to ever come out of the Japanese Domestic Market scene… The Mitsubishi Evolution. Through Mitsubishi’s run of Evolutions some have become more iconic than others, but it’s fair to say the penultimate Evolution, the Evo IX, has cemented itself as one of the most appealing and tuner friendly model’s out of the lot.

Growing up in a family who loved their Holden V8’s, Jake Markuse’s admiration of The Mitsubishi Evolution was going against the grain. Jake knew that this JDM machine was what he wanted, and his obsession of the car kept growing as he continued to see it in video games and in movies. So, when it came to own his own Evo, the IX was the one he wanted.

Jake purchased the car approximately five-years ago from an owner who meticulously looked after it. Apart from aftermarket rims, the Evo was in great condition and gave way for Jake to start his own evolutionary journey of the car. He started slowly purchasing bolt-on modifications to increase the power which kept him entertained. After a while though, Jake decided he wanted to take a different path with the build and that was to go widebody!

When the time came, Jake drew inspiration from another build. Michael Zomaya’s widebody Evo IX is well known within the car scene and it was the benchmark for what Jake wanted his own Evo to look like. So, he set off to find the right people who would help his dreams become a reality.

When it came to the body work of the Evo it was simple for Jake. He enlisted the help of a widebody genius; Peter from Bodyform. He was the brains behind majority of the build and came up with the ideas and designed the car that you see today. The body has had a host of original and aftermarket parts that make up the custom Bodyform widebody kit: Evo IX Varis v2 front bumper, modified APR front fenders, APR rear fenders, custom Bodyform front splitter, Voltex side skirts, modified Voltex diffuser and GT Type 5 Voltex 1700mm carbon wing. The car is finished off in beautiful Lexus Infrared metallic paint.

Now that the car looked the part, it needed to drive just as good. So, with the help of Indy from IS Motor Racing the Evo IX is currently producing 300kw at all wheels on a e85. Solid numbers from the stock block, thanks to Camtech 272 cams, FP Green turbo, a Plazmaman pro series intercooler kit and APR head studs.

The wheels and tyres that Jake choose go for are a set of 18×12 SSR MS3’s with Nitto NT05 275 rubber. The car stops great with the standard Evo IX Brembo brakes so they were kept as is. This setup is highly understated and allows the widebody kit to really stand out.

To allow for a smoother ride, the car was fitted with an 3H Airlift Performance kit. Copper hardlines and dual compressors were added to further assist with the car’s drivability. The interior has been tastefully modified with just a Bride A.I.R fixed bucket drivers seat.

As for what the future holds for the Evo, Jake is happy to enjoy the car as is at the moment. He would like to focus on further engine modifications down the track and also further change the boot setup with the help of Mike from House of Stance.

Jake would like to give a big shout out to a few people who assisted with building his dream car. Firstly, Peter from Bodyform who built a car that far exceeded his expectations. Mitch from Sharpline for the immaculate paintwork. Mike from House of Stance for his awesome boot setup. Michael from Garage88 who helped supply the parts which were needed to complete the build and for looking after the maintenance of the car, and finally, Indy from IS Motor Racing who tuned the car… Thank you.


– 300kw at all wheels

– 2.0L I4 4G63T
– Camtech 272s
– FP Green turbo
– Plazmaman pro series intercooler kit
– APR head studs
– E85 compatible

– Factory

– Factory

– Factory

– 18×12 SSR MS3
– Nitto NT05 275

– Custom Bodyform widebody
– Evo 9 Varis V2 front bumper
– Modified Apr front fenders
– Apr rear fenders
– Custom Bodyform front splitter
– Voltex side skirts
– Modified Voltex diffuser
– GT Type 5 Voltex 1700mm carbon wing
– Lexus Infrared metallic

– Bride A.I.R fixed back bucket seats

– 3H Airlift kit
– Dual compressors
– Copper hardlines