In the world of ‘project cars’ we can all agree that the way a project car begins, from the initial ideas of how it will look, are never the way it finishes. That is because cars, unlike other projects, begin as just a car. A finished product that you drive on a daily basis. But, when this daily drive becomes functional art, there are more than one way to make it your own.

This is the story of my Nissan 200SX S14. The journey begins on the 7th of May, 2017. I bought the car from a guy in Canberra. The car had the original SR20 swapped for an RB26DETT 34 GT-R engine and turbos, an R33 gearbox, a full Vertex body kit (painted in Mazda pearl white), full suede interior re-trim, genuine Bride seats, half-roll cage, Rays T37SL wheels and race spec cusco coil-overs.

Let me say, thanks to the coil-overs, it was one of the bumpiest and longest drives of my life. But, that still did not deter me from what I had planned for the car, and that was I use it as my daily.

The reason I wanted to use the car as a daily was because, at the time, I owned a Mazda RX2. I had the RX2 for over 12 years and it had gone through a number of modifications and was not looking at modifying anything else at the time.

All I wanted to do was turn the S14 into a ‘more police friendly’ vehicle. This lasted all of about a week and then I decided it was time to sell the RX2. Now, it was time to turn my S14 from a daily drive, into my project car.

Although the car was purchased with pre-existing modifications, I see it as a good starting point for what I want out of the car. Like all car enthusiasts, the aim is to build it my way, starting with the body kit.

The plan is to change the turbo setup to either a big single or larger twins, a Haltech computer, Racepack dash and a big fuel setup. From there, change the brakes to Evo 8 Brembo brakes and some possible interior changes.

When I purchased the car the first thing I did was change the plates, tyres and the suspension. Yes, the race spec coil-overs were good, but, I wanted the car to sit on the floor. So, I had an Air Lift air-bag suspension setup fitted to the car.

To my surprise the air bag suspension provided the S14 with quite impressive handling considering it was now on air and it became the basis for my build.

As my S14 begins its process from my daily drive, to my ultimate goal, my own version of a super neat street car, I am going to share the experience with you all. I want all enthusiasts to share my experience with me.

I know, only too well, the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. But, once it is all said and done, there is no better feeling than turning your vision into a reality.

I hope you enjoy the ride!