The allure of owning a Japanese performance car is the dream for many of us. But, in reality how many of us have actually sat in the driver’s seat of one? They are not the most spacious, comfiest or easiest of cars to get into… unless you’re under 6-feet tall or weigh less than 80 kilograms; then you might have a chance of ‘fitting in.’ So, how do you go about owning a Japanese performance car that is easy to get into if you’re 6-foot-4 and 135kg’s? Just ask Ben Keeley. The man who persevered to find the best of both worlds, and well, stumbled across what seemed to be the least typical Japanese performance car: The Lexus GS300.

Ben, like many before him, was ultimately looking for a car he could build himself and was specific to his needs; a daily drive, that was the ultimate street car but could be used for drag racing and/or drifting… simple… right?

The Lexus GS300 was not something that Ben was actively looking for when he began his search, but when he took one for a test drive, just to see if he could ‘fit in to it,’ he instantly saw the cars potential and fell in love with it.

Having purchased the car almost immediately, Ben did the only logical thing to a completely bone stock, luxury Lexus GS300. He dropped it on its guts and put on 17 inch wheels within half-an-hour of owning it. Then the journey began of converting the luxury car into a true Japanese performance car.

The Lexus was built by Ben at his very own workshop, Keeley Motorsport. He strapped a massive Garrett GTX42R turbo to his 2JZGE non turbo engine to bring it to life and added a 4 inch dump pipe with a 3.5inch exhaust to increase the necessary flow. The head wasn’t left untouched, with the addition of Kelford cams, Kelford springs and Tomei cam gears.

A turbo of that size has a craving for fuel so to quench that thirst a set of 2200cc injectors sit on a custom fuel rail, along with a Ai surge tank, Turbosmart FPR2000 fuel pressure regulator and a Link Fury ECU to keep things under control. It’s a setup that’s good for 720hp at the rear wheels, very impressive considering its on a standard 2JZGE non turbo bottom end. More than enough to keep things interesting.

Ben knew he needed something strong to select gears, so the decision was made to go with a TR6060 6 speed gearbox thats mated with a custom twin plate clutch. Up to the task of transferring the 720whp to the ground is a a custom tailshaft and Kaaz 2-Way LSD. With a car of this size, braking is a priority. Alcon 6 piston calipers replace the factory items, with a custom clutch pedal assembly, Wilwood master cylinder and custom hand-brake relocation completing the setup.

Ben loves the thick body of the Lexus and didn’t want to ruin it with a big fancy bodykit. Instead, he’s kept it simple with a fresh coat of custom grey paint by Cameron’s Body Works and custom carbon diffuser to compliment the rear end. The GS300 has ditched the standard springs/shocks and now rides on air with a custom made airbag suspension setup. When the car is aired out the body sits low to the ground and the immaculately presented Volk Racing GT-C wheels look perfect tucked away under the factory guards.

Ben has owned the car now for over 18 months and it’s nowhere near finished. The car is already a beast, but the future plans will only make this heavy weight into more of an animal on the road. Top of the ‘to-do list’ is to build the motor, and if the current 6 speed manual lets go, look at replacing it with a sequential transmission.

Whatever the future holds for the Lexus GS300 Ben would like to thank Dan Smith, 12 Volt, Jason Barrie, Cameron’s Body Works, Standard Fried Media, Sirick, SOYT and Keeley Motorsport for all of their hard work and effort they put in to building the car to what it is… a true ‘performance’ heavy weight.


– 720hp at the wheels

– Garrett GTX42r Turbo
– 4 inch dump pipe
– 3.5 inch exhaust
– Kelford cams
– Kelford springs
– Tomei cam gears
– ARP head studs
– Metal head gasket
– Custom inlet mod
– Ai surge tank
– Custom fuel rail
– 2200cc injectors
– Turbosmart FPR2000



– TR6060 6 speed gearbox
– Custom twin plate clutch
– Custom bell housing
– Custom tailshaft
– Kaaz 2 way

– Link Fury

– Alcon 6 piston
– Custom clutch pedal assembly
– Wilwood master cylinder
– Custom hand brake relocation

– Volk racing GT-C 

– Custom carbon diffuser
– Custom grey paint 

– No mods 

– Custom airbags