It is not often you come across a car that leaves you speechless, but when you do, it is a thing of sheer beauty and amazement. Twin brothers Benny and Jimmy Tran, owners of BYP Racing, have transformed the iconic Toyota MR2 into absolute monster, thanks to the new power plant… a Honda K-series engine that was built themselves. The brothers have commonly been known for building the fastest Honda’s on and off the track and supplying the best Honda parts available on the market to the public. But, it was their ambition to become (one of) the fastest 2WD, 4-cylinder road cars that gained them notoriety within the car racing scene.

Having been inspired from YouTube videos of others transforming the iconic MR2 with a Honda engine, the brothers knew it was something that they had to do. They had a clear goal in mind; build a fast street/roll-racing car to showcase the Honda power plant and would be able to compete at Cootamundra. The MR2 seemed like the perfect chassis given the price point, mid rear configuration and stylish look.

So, they began to search for ‘just’ the right one. A quick look on gumtree, one afternoon in January 2016, leads the guys to a 90 model SW20 MR2. It had no pictures, but in the description, it said it was white. With an asking pricing of $2000, they didn’t fuss about it and made a time to purchase the car without even looking at it. It turned out to be a really-clean car. It was stock besides 17inch mag wheels and a sound system. The blue interior was clean and the body was fairly good.

It was not until August 2016 that Honda power plant was swapped in the MR2; one-month out from when the car was meant to debut at Nulon Nationals Round 4 in Cootamundra. Having put a commendable effort, first time out with the new engine, the guys spent the next 14-months using the experience as a research and development platform for the turbocharged Honda K-series motor.

Over the next 12-months the guys continued to build and tweak the car themselves, only having the fabrication done by NitroDann from Newcastle, before their first event, to assist with the short deadline. The car currently is producing 440kw @21psi, 486kw @25psi, and 520kw@28psi. These numbers allowed the car to produce some brilliant results, all of which is thanks to the BYP Racing Built K20/K24, Garrett GTX3582 1.06 Turbo and Hondata KPROv4 engine management system.

Putting all that power to the floor was always going to be a challenge so the guys decided some fat rubber was the only option. A set of CCW LM5’s was ordered in15x9 wrapped in 275/50/15 Street R on the rear and Summit Racing 15×4 wrapped in MT Sportsmans Skinnies on the front.

The goals and ambition of the project changed as they progressed with the build. Being a fast street car, the testing grounds to prove itself was at Motive DVD’s Drag Battle located in Cootamundra. This is where the best of the best street cars come to test themselves on a street surface.

The challenge of trying to lay down a decent 1/4mile time on an unprepared surface seemed appealing, so they decided to enter. The brothers had massive success at the event, quite comfortably wining and setting a new 2WD 4-cylinder record of 10.1@152mph in the process. They also won the 2WD drag battle as well.

2018 is a going to be a big year for the guys and this beast of an MR2 with the heart of a Honda. As it stands the car is a solid 9sec car (9.6sec @ 150mph in fact), a very good streetcar and, overall, a highly marketable package that the guys plan on taking to events this year such as Roll Racing, Roll Drags, Cootamundra Drag Battle, Power Cruise and Off-Street Drag Racing.

It is worth mentioning that the guys have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into building this car into a highly understated powerhouse and are very appreciative of all the support that they have received during the process of its build. Because without the support of their suppliers and everyone who has had a hand in building the car, it would be not be what it is today. So, the guys would like to give a huge shout-out to everyone who helped with the build, the BYP customers and fans from around the world.

So as this iconic car, from the Toyota stable, continues to turn heads and set records everywhere is goes, it is worth noting that this only because of a passion and desire to push the envelope in a cars capabilities. The boys shunned the traditional idea that the MR2 was limited to what power it could produce, because this MR2 is the perfect example of what you can achieve… if you just believe you can achieve it.


– 330kw@12psi on E85
– 440kw @21psi on E85
– 485kw @25psi on E85
– 520kw @28psi on E85

– BYP Racing Built K20/K24
– K24a3 block – Cylinder Support Close Deck + Dry Sleeves
– Forged Rods – BC
– Forged Pistons – Wiesco 11.0:1
– PRB Cylinder Head – Stock head ports
– Supertech Valve train
– Stage 2 camshafts
– Garett GTX3582 1.06 Turbo
– W2A Intercooler
– Runs on Pump E85

– Honda K-series 5 speed case core
– GEAR-X 1-4 Helical Synchro Gearset
– GEAR-X Final Drive 4.1
– Quaife ATB 1.5way torsen LSD

– Hondata KPROv4

– Stock Front and Rear

– CCW LM5 15×9 wrapped in 275/50/15 Street R
– Summit Racing 15×4 wrapped in MT Sportmans Skinnies

– Shine Auto A Spec Front Lip
– Shine Auto CF rear 3 piece add on

– HR RSX Shifter
– HR Shifter Cables
– Tuner view RD2 Digital Display
– PLX wideband sensor

– GAB SS Coilovers
– Custom spring rates
– HUX Racing Rear Lower Control Arms