The year was 2013, I was dropping off my car to Dahtone Racing for a much needed upgraded fuel system and as I walked into the shop I immediately spotted an immaculate white R34 GT-R. Back then, Brodie’s car was sporting a 500wkw+ street combo, and rolling on 20” black forged wheels. It was a clean car and a monster to drive on the street, what more could you want right?

When I first heard that Brodie was taking his GT-R and turning it into a fire breathing 1000wkw street/drag car I knew right away that it was going to be something special. I mean, 1000wkw and working air-conditioning are not usually mentioned in the same sentence. I went down to see what the fuss was about and let me tell you, what really sets this GT-R apart from other high powered builds is the level of attention to detail and passion that’s gone into building this car.

It’s been years in the making and it’s finally nearing completion so I caught up with Brodie to get some more info on the build.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Brodie Kelly, I’m a 28 year old GT-R fanatic.

What made you buy an R34 GT-R?
I’ve always loved them since i was 14 years old. That’s when I first saw John’s RH9 midnight purple II R34 GT-R at Auto Salon.

When did you purchase the car?
I bought the car in 2012 and used it as a daily driver for a while, until i blew the factory engine. We then built a 2.7 Nitto stroker and made 550wkw/750whp. One thing lead to another and now we’re going for 1000wkw/1350whp.

What state was the car in when you picked it up?
Grade 4.5, a really clean example.

What’s your favorite aspect of the build so far?
My favourite aspect of the car is the attention to detail. The wheel & tyre combo has to be one of my favourites, I’ve always been a sucker for BBS LM wheels and Micky Thompson drag radials. Another favourite is my headlight that Pete from Bodyform did for us.

What is the goal for the build?
The goal for the build is to have a clean high horsepower street/drag car.

Do you work on the car yourself? Who has works/worked on the car?
Anthony from Dahtone Racing and I have worked on the car over the years, also Michael Baghdadi from Micks Motorsport for dyno tuning and James from Grooveryder fabrications for the roll cage.

We actually do most things ourselves at the shop. Fabrication, wiring, engine building and more. I didn’t want to just send the car to different workshops to have everything done & just pay the bill, that’s not how you build cars in my opinion . Our builds take time but nearly everything besides dyno tuning is done in-house.

I noticed you’ve retained the air conditioning, but also added a parachute at the back! Are you planning on driving this on the street?
The car will always be registered and driven on the street, no matter what power it makes in the end.

That is a HUGE turbo, could you give me a little run down on the setup you’re going to be running?
The turbo is a Garrett GTX55 gen 2 88mm from GCG. The car uses a Billet RB block, Nitto 3.2 stroker kit and Al’s Race Glides TH400. The engine build, wiring, fabrication & everything else is done by Anthony at Dahtone Racing.

The price of GT-R’s have skyrocketed! Would you ever sell it?
No, thank god i bought the car years ago when they were cheaper! We have worked on the car for years to get it to such a level, like they say perfection takes time. If i wanted it to just be a race car I would’ve put in an AGI roll cage and rushed to get it to the track, but I couldn’t do that to an R34 GT-R. Attention to detail has always been the key to the build.

We actually do most things ourselves at the shop. Fabrication,wiring,engine building and more. Not send the car to different workshops to have everything done & just pay the bill, that’s not how you build cars in my opinion .Our builds take time but nearly everything besides dyno tuning is done in house.

What are your future plans for the car?
Just to finish the build and enjoy it.

What’s your daily driver?
My girlfriends Subaru XT Forester, when she lets me drive it haha

Do you keep tab on how much the build owes you?
Yeah haha, next question.

What’s the ETA on the build, and what’s remaining?
The goal since I’ve started was to make it to the 2019 GT-R Challenge at Cootamundra. There’s plenty left to do before it’s at the level I’m happy with.

Who would you like to thank so far?
Anthony and Maya from Dahtone Racing for engine building, fabrication, wiring and everything else they have done over the years. Michael Baghdadi for dyno tuning. James from Grooveryder Fabrications for the roll cage. Scotty at oxytech. Sam from A1 Smash Repairs. Peter from Bodyform Motorsports. John Moreno from GCG Turbos. Anthony Edouard, Rohan & Luke from Rocket Industries. Rocky Carbone for always lending us the trailer & being a good sport. Shak from SCL Shaks Car Laundry. Paige & Brett Barnett, Chris Carmello, Mark Vreeswyk, Ryan Aquilina and Burhan Wazir. AES mufflers. Andrew from Nitto Performance Engineering. Kyle from High Octane. My mother, and last but not least my gorgeous girlfriend Sarah Aquilina for putting up with me and helping me with the build.