Cars are an extension of who we are. They capture and bring to life the wonders of the world around us and for some; they are the embodiment of dreams and goals that were established as a young child. For Kakzzman, this was bringing to life the world of Initial D through the iconic Toyota AE86.

The Japanese Manga, Initial D, revolved around the life of Japanese streets racers, who raced their cars not on the urban streets, but in the mountains. The main character used the AE86 as his delivery car, but then transformed it into a drift machine. The cars’ inherent qualities earned the AE86 an early and enduring international prominence establishing it as a cult icon, inextricably interwoven with the earliest days of drifting.

As Kakzzman progressed through life, he built numerous cars, but was never truly satisfied with them. Yes, he liked them, but the soft spot that he had developed for the AE86 was to great pass up. So, three years ago he purchased a completely stock Toyota Levin.

Because the AE86 in the original Initial D series is not a Levin, but in fact a Trueno, Kakzzman converted it into the iconic car; complete with the panda black and white paint theme.

The temptation to buy a car that has been worked on is a financially rewarding risk; you get a modified car without having to pay the hefty price tag and the loss of time that goes into building your very own ride. But, you run the risk of it not meeting the criteria you have once you drive it… dumping more money in it in the long run. Kakzzman decided that the only way was to build the car from the ground up; employing the help of his good friend Champ Pandaeng.

Pandaeng assisted with every aspect of the build, even painting the car car in the iconic Initial D paint job. To distinguish his AE86 to that of others, wider carbon fenders, carbon bonnet, fog lights and a TRD rear spoiler were added.

Fake wheels were not going to cut it for Kakzzman’s build! TE37V’s wrapped in Yokohama Ad050’s were fitted to the car in big boy offsets 15×9.5-20 and 15×10.5-25. To make sure the car sat right and drove better, BC coilovers were installed with a LAILE beatrush strut brace and Cusco sway bars front/rear.

Living in the 86 engine bay is the now legendary 4AGE 20V blacktop, with the addition of ITB’s, N2 spec headers and a 5zigen exhaust system. A TRD gearbox and LSD rear-end complete the drivetrain.

Kakzzman has kept the interior of the 86 aesthetically appealing yet very functional. Recaro SPA and SP3 recaro seats hold the driver and passenger in tight, while the Nardi steering wheel keeps the car straight. The Cusco 6 point roll cage keeps with the race spec theme, and the Karo floor matts, TRD gear knob and Apexi neo2 add to the details.

As most tuners will change their cars up every few years, Kakzzman does not plan of getting rid of the car anytime soon. He is in love with the AE86 and his only ambitions are to continue to take the build further.