Live-Fast is an Australian-based lifestyle brand influenced by the automotive culture. Founded in 2014 by twin-brothers George and Zoran Nova, the brothers passion and drive to create Live-Fast, stemmed from their love of cars and design.

Their aim is to showcase the car community from the inside-out, from an enthusiasts point-of-view, creating and showcasing the best ‘Functional Art’ in the world.

Starting from their very own cars; Georges MR026 – RB26/30 Powered S15 and Zorans RB8055 RB26DETT Powered S14.

The philosophy is simple- create content that mean something to them and that people will love. The brothers have also established themselves as active participants in both the art and car scene; feeling just as comfortable holding a pencil, as they are shifting gears.

Having previously designed prints for Mooks, and having worked with global brands such as Rayban and Samsung, the brothers plan on leaving their on own mark within the automotive scene.