Growing up playing the Gran Turismo series of video games, Brandon Milevski always selected the R34 GT-R as his ultimate battle weapon. “It was always the yellow one too, I don’t know why, but it was my favourite back then. I never touched the midnight purple version as I thought they were the ugliest,” laughed Brandon. Oh, how times have changed.

After owning a mildly modified R33, a then 19-year old Brandon went on the lookout for a new machine – the fabled R34 GT-R. In his eyes, it was the epitome of the Nissan range. “Originally I was looking to purchase a silver, R34 V-Spec from Melbourne, but then my uncle came across this GT-R advertised locally in Perth on good old Gumtree. The advert was lacking a heap of information, apart from the basic heading – “R34 Skyline”. It was worth a look at least I thought.”

After making contact with the owner, Brandon received the bad news that the car was already sold. “I was devastated but continued the search, until we came across the same advert a fortnight later. The original purchaser couldn’t get the finance on the car. I was blown away when we arrived, as it was the midnight purple colour. I hadn’t really considered it until then. All of a sudden it appealed to me. My uncle looked at me with a smile, and I just knew I had to buy it – you don’t come across a rare colour like this every day. It was a no brainer.” The deal was knocked on the head on Christmas Eve, back in 2013.

The car had a few bolt-ons here and there but, ultimately it was a fresh canvas for Brandon to manipulate to his taste. “The car maintained the factory body kit, so I decided to add some more flavour with a Z-tune front bumper and front fender combo, with the matching carbon fibre, vented-bonnet. I think it toughens up the car a whole heap more.”

The rear of the car is treated to a genuine V-Spec diffuser with extended Nismo ‘Track Ready’ style fins. The Quest Japan LED tail lights glow bright, bright red at night for an ominous look for those left behind on the freeways of Perth city.

Wheeling the car was a tough choice, but wisely, Brandon kept it clean and simple – Nismo LMGT4 18×9.5 +12 wheels got the nod, and are shod with 285/35/18 rubber. Slamming the car closer to terra firma is a Nismo S tune suspension set up. Hidden behind the blacked out rims, are T3 DBA slotted discs with race pads.

Inside the ride, not much has changed since the car left Japan, albeit for an extensive audio system (hidden in factory outlets) and a Blitz EBC. In the future, race seats may find their way in there.

Being more focused on street duties, Brandon has opted to keep the engine mods to a practical level, but the car the still pumps out a respectable 648rwhp @ 24psi on E85. He can thank the team at C-Red for that result. Internally, the RB26 has copped Eagle H-beam rods with CP 86.5mm forged slugs and King race series bearings. Under the candy apple red rocker cover, is a Tomei metal head gasket, ARP head studs and a pair of HKS 272 cams 8.7 lift drop in step 1 cams with HKS adjustable cam gears.

Replacing the standard twin turbos is a single, Garret T04Z with a .84 rear/v band and a custom T51 front housing from OCD works. I just had to have that iconic T51 spool sound,” laughed Brandon. The new snail is fitted to a 6boost high-mount manifold with a Tial 44mm ‘gate regulating business. A full 3.5-inch exhaust is complimented with a Tomei titanium muffler.

2200cc Bosch injectors are matched to a black Raceworks alloy fuel rail, with a Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator controlling the twin Walbro 460 L/h in-tank fuel pumps. A Haltech Platinum Pro plug-in ECU makes the car sing a sweet tune.

With several years of cruising already under his belt, future plans for the car are minimal. “Reaching 800hp with a larger turbo is quite achievable and is something I would like to explore. Selling the car is something I would never really consider, these types of cars will continue to become more and more desirable and it really is my dream ride.

The attention the car gets is phenomenal; you can’t go somewhere without people wanting to take photos or talk about the car. The most discussed topic is the paint colour of course. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self, just how wrong I was about midnight purple.”


GTR. Three letters that represent a machine that nearly every car enthusiast is familiar with, appreciates the meaning of, and would love to have sitting in their garage. The King of Japanese performance cars as Anthony puts it and who could possibly disagree, especially when you look at his meticulously crafted R32 GTR.

With GTR’s becoming a rare and expensive commodity in the car market, it’s not uncommon to see the same street builds and setups on these cars. Big single turbo, Tomei exhaust, LMGT’s, Bride Lowmax’s; the standard. But it’s safe and it works. On a car increasing in price, most owners do often opt for the more community accepted confines of modifying, however Anthony had a different goal in mind. A build that was half a decade in making, Anthony’s transformation of his GTR is one of careful planning, fastidious assembly and sticking to a clear vision no matter the setbacks. His vision? Create a GTR that was one off, unique and yet seemed as OEM as possible. The twist? Do this while running one of Sydney’s top GTR workshops and looking after a family at the same time.

Rewind 7 years and you may have seen Anthony’s white R32 GTR on the road sitting on BBS LM’s as opposed to his current Meister setup. You’d have to be quick in sighting the car though as it wasn’t long after the initial purchase that Anthony decided to retire it as a daily driver and undergo initial cosmetic improvements. This included N1 body parts like skirts, a front bar, rear pods and boot lip. Some additional carbon goodies including custom side skirt extensions, Abflug front diffuser and Rocket Dancer spoiler extension finished iteration one in terms of the look of the car. Honestly speaking, not much changed visually from then until now, but I think for those who know the car, it’s what’s under the hood that really grabs your attention.

With the car now a weekender, Anthony turned his attention to the engine bay. What started initially as a paint refresh quickly spiralled out of control and laid the foundations for the clinically assembled engine bay you see today. As an experienced advocate and mechanic for the twin cam RB26, Anthony said it was only natural that his car was destined to have a monster of an engine setup. With the bay being sprayed, work began on building his dream motor with the ambition of putting it in not long after the car had come back from the painters. That was the plan anyway. You may recall earlier in the write up that Anthony is actually workshop owner by profession and that means customers come first. An urgent need from a customer saw the motor he built for himself being sold and Anthony was put promptly back to square one.

In between balancing the daily workload of running his shop, the limited time he had to build his own car gave Anthony the luxury (and curse) of having time to think about exactly what he wanted to do with it. What eventually kick started the build was his desire to create a one of a kind exhaust manifold and after months of tinkering and mock ups, his idea came to life. With his unique manifold locked down, the rest of the jigsaw pieces fell into place and like clockwork, Anthony selected and assembled the necessary supporting engine components he was all too familiar with.

Moving to the inlet side of the motor, Anthony wanted to eliminate the rats nest of vacuum and water lines Nissan kindly left to GTR owners of the future. In order to eliminate this while also keeping the ITB’s, a custom drive by wire and Plazmaman plenum was crafted to solve the problem.

In keeping with the ‘one off’ design principle that Anthony had for the car, every pipe and line you could bend, every reservoir that could be filled was customised and hand fabricated to Anthony’s spec. Even the number plate bracket wasn’t spared from the fabrication table! The result is clear though, through a complete overhaul of the engine bay, an unparalleled degree of consistency was able to be formed and every part in the bay looks as though it was put there straight out of the factory.

To send power to the wheels, a rebuilt R34 GTR Getrag 6 speed was optioned instead of a dog box with Anthony citing he wanted to maintain the OEM driving experience of the car but still have confidence that the box was able to handle big power. A billet NPC clutch finished the transmission setup.

It’s almost impossible to talk about early 90’s Nissan interiors without mentioning the infamous dash cracks and/or bubbles that torment Skyline and Silvia owners alike. Unfortunately, Anthony’s GTR was no exception and so the dash was the first interior item to get changed for the better. For seats, Bride Cuga’s were selected for comfort and uniqueness compared to some of Bride range. However, this wasn’t unique enough for Anthony and so both front and rear seats underwent a custom upholstery job that featured leather trimming and Bride fabric centres. Finally, a Cusco 5 point half cage in white was installed to add protection and rigidity to the cabin, break up the black interior and quite frankly, just look awesome inside the car.

But how about the engine you’re probably thinking. For the time being, the exact specs are under wraps until the car has undergone the full tune but rest assured, Anthony has high hopes and confidence for the potential power using the combination of internals he’s selected himself. For reference, the run in tune saw the car make 650hp on just 20psi.. with wheel spin issues on the dyno. Needless to say, stay tuned for the full hub dyno run at 40psi.

On the surface and perhaps to the untrained eye, Anthony’s GTR may look like so many others. In a modifying age where sexspec is dead and OEM+ is king, appreciation comes more in the creating the fine balance of unique and subtle modification while maintaining the timeless looks of these iconic 90’s Japanese performance cars. Striking this balance is not an easy one however Anthony’s car stands true to this ethos and has really produced an incredible modern take on an R32 GTR.

Anthony would like to put out a special thanks to all his friends, family and automotive suppliers, partners and mates including Mick’s Motorsports, Auto Elements, Just Upholstery, and Fabtech Global.


– 650hp @ 20psi

– RB26/30 (test engine)
– Platinum Racing Products engine brace, R35 coil kit, trigger kit, alternator bracket, A/C relocation kit
– CWC LS1 alternator conversion
– Custom thick wall stainless exhaust manifold
– Garrett GTX4294 turbo
– Custom intercooler
– Custom Plazmaman intake manifold to suit 6 throttle drive by wire system
– Dahtone Racing 6 throttle drive by wire system
– 1650cc Bosch Motorsports injectors
– Dahtone Racing billet fuel rail
– Custom intercooler pipes with Dahtone Racing/HDI clamps
– Custom cross flow radiator
– Custom radiator hard pipes with HDI clamps
– Real Carbon fibre moulded cam cover set
– Stainless 4” exhaust system
– Frenchy’s Performance Garage twin Walbro 460 in-tank fuel pump kit
– Turbosmart 60mm wastegate and FPR2000 fuel pressure regulator
– Garage Defend carbon fibre cooling panel
– All Braided hoses and AN fittings for everything (vacuum, boost, coolant, fuel, engine oil, power steering)

– NPC billet twin plate clutch
– Custom concentric slave cylinder/pull to push converter
– R34 GTR 6 speed Getrag gearbox

– Haltech Elite 2500
– Haltech Wb1 single channel wideband kit
– Flex sensor
– 3 x Bosch pressure and temperature combo sensors (oil, coolant and fuel
– Custom hidden loom with motorsport bulk head connector

– R34 GTR Brembos with custom “J slotted” rotors
– Braided lines
– Modified brake booster (helps the booster work better with big cams and low vacuum)

– Work Meisters
– 19 x 11
– 285/30/19 Toyo T1R

– N1 front bumper
– N1 side skirts
– N1 rear pods
– N1 boot lip
– OEM rear wing
– Carbon Fibre Fujimura Auto Rocker Dancer aero flap
– ADM rear number plate garnish
– Shaved rear bumper
– Carbon fibre Ab Flug front splitter
– Custom carbon fibre side skirt extensions
– Carbon fibre Varis vented bonnet
– Ganador aero mirrors
– FEED Afflux carbon mirror caps
– D-Speed clear corner indicators
– R35 GTR boot badge
– R34 GTR front guard badges
– Custom aluminium front number plate bracket

– Custom leather trimmed carbon fibre backed Bride Cuga seats
– OEM rear seat re-trimmed to match front seats
– Cusco 5 point roll cage
– Carbon fibre scuff plates
– Nismo carbon fibre rear view mirror cover
– Tomei instrument cluster
– Superior Auto Carbon Fibre stereo surround
– Nardi 330mm Deep corn steering wheel
– Custom reconditioned OEM 6 speed gear knob

– BC BR coilovers
– HICAS elimination kit


The word ‘evolution,’ in the scientific world, looks at the theory of how living things change over time, and how they have come to be the way they are. But, in the car tuner world, the word ‘evolution,’ is linked to one of the most iconic cars to ever come out of the Japanese Domestic Market scene… The Mitsubishi Evolution. Through Mitsubishi’s run of Evolutions some have become more iconic than others, but it’s fair to say the penultimate Evolution, the Evo IX, has cemented itself as one of the most appealing and tuner friendly model’s out of the lot.

Growing up in a family who loved their Holden V8’s, Jake Markuse’s admiration of The Mitsubishi Evolution was going against the grain. Jake knew that this JDM machine was what he wanted, and his obsession of the car kept growing as he continued to see it in video games and in movies. So, when it came to own his own Evo, the IX was the one he wanted.

Jake purchased the car approximately five-years ago from an owner who meticulously looked after it. Apart from aftermarket rims, the Evo was in great condition and gave way for Jake to start his own evolutionary journey of the car. He started slowly purchasing bolt-on modifications to increase the power which kept him entertained. After a while though, Jake decided he wanted to take a different path with the build and that was to go widebody!

When the time came, Jake drew inspiration from another build. Michael Zomaya’s widebody Evo IX is well known within the car scene and it was the benchmark for what Jake wanted his own Evo to look like. So, he set off to find the right people who would help his dreams become a reality.

When it came to the body work of the Evo it was simple for Jake. He enlisted the help of a widebody genius; Peter from Bodyform. He was the brains behind majority of the build and came up with the ideas and designed the car that you see today. The body has had a host of original and aftermarket parts that make up the custom Bodyform widebody kit: Evo IX Varis v2 front bumper, modified APR front fenders, APR rear fenders, custom Bodyform front splitter, Voltex side skirts, modified Voltex diffuser and GT Type 5 Voltex 1700mm carbon wing. The car is finished off in beautiful Lexus Infrared metallic paint.

Now that the car looked the part, it needed to drive just as good. So, with the help of Indy from IS Motor Racing the Evo IX is currently producing 300kw at all wheels on a e85. Solid numbers from the stock block, thanks to Camtech 272 cams, FP Green turbo, a Plazmaman pro series intercooler kit and APR head studs.

The wheels and tyres that Jake choose go for are a set of 18×12 SSR MS3’s with Nitto NT05 275 rubber. The car stops great with the standard Evo IX Brembo brakes so they were kept as is. This setup is highly understated and allows the widebody kit to really stand out.

To allow for a smoother ride, the car was fitted with an 3H Airlift Performance kit. Copper hardlines and dual compressors were added to further assist with the car’s drivability. The interior has been tastefully modified with just a Bride A.I.R fixed bucket drivers seat.

As for what the future holds for the Evo, Jake is happy to enjoy the car as is at the moment. He would like to focus on further engine modifications down the track and also further change the boot setup with the help of Mike from House of Stance.

Jake would like to give a big shout out to a few people who assisted with building his dream car. Firstly, Peter from Bodyform who built a car that far exceeded his expectations. Mitch from Sharpline for the immaculate paintwork. Mike from House of Stance for his awesome boot setup. Michael from Garage88 who helped supply the parts which were needed to complete the build and for looking after the maintenance of the car, and finally, Indy from IS Motor Racing who tuned the car… Thank you.


– 300kw at all wheels

– 2.0L I4 4G63T
– Camtech 272s
– FP Green turbo
– Plazmaman pro series intercooler kit
– APR head studs
– E85 compatible

– Factory

– Factory

– Factory

– 18×12 SSR MS3
– Nitto NT05 275

– Custom Bodyform widebody
– Evo 9 Varis V2 front bumper
– Modified Apr front fenders
– Apr rear fenders
– Custom Bodyform front splitter
– Voltex side skirts
– Modified Voltex diffuser
– GT Type 5 Voltex 1700mm carbon wing
– Lexus Infrared metallic

– Bride A.I.R fixed back bucket seats

– 3H Airlift kit
– Dual compressors
– Copper hardlines


The Honda s2000 was first released in 1999 to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. The car was designed as a homage to its predecessors the s500, s600 and s800. But what set this S badged Honda apart from the others was the high revving and highly reliable naturally aspirated inline 4 VTEC engine. An engine which has been praised by motoring journalists over the years.

When Anthony Beljan decided to purchase the s2000, it wasn’t because of the engine. Anthony loved the way the s2000 looked from factory and thought it would be a car he could have fun with, especially as a project car that he can turn into a track ready car. He always loved the way track cars were built and the aggressive styling they possessed.

Unlike others who have dreamed of owning a specific car as a child or having searched heaven and earth to find just the right one, Anthony’s purchase of the car was straight forward. He purchased the car completely stock with silver paint in 2013. But there was a set-back a couple months into owning the car. Anthony found out that the car had been rolled in quite a serious accident and was considered a write off. Instead of panicking and tossing the car aside, he decided this wasn’t going to ruin his experience of owning the car and was even more determined to turn the s2000 into his ideal track car.

Once this set-back was put aside, Anthony began the journey of turning the s2000 into the beast you see today. The desire to truly build a unique track ready car was solidified when Anthony completed his first modification. After installing a Hondata Kpro Ecu and seeing the performance increase that the car produced on the dyno, Anthony was instantly hooked to continue building the car.

The next step in the build process was to work on the exhaust and the exterior. A 70mm titanium exhaust with Cat delete/Tegiwa Extractors was fitted, which gave the car a beautiful sound. To fit within the budget back in 2013, but to still tick off the exterior work which Anthony wanted, he bought Rota Grid wheels with an Ap1 Fibreglass lip to slightly enhance the look.

Anthony took a break from the car for a while and went overseas. When he came back, he decided it was time for the car to receive a boost. He turned to the expertise from the guys at BYP Racing. The guys (Benny and Jimmy Tran) highly recommended supercharging the car as Anthony was looking to track the car in the future. They also changed the fuel over to E85, upgraded the clutch and deleted the aircon for that extra power.

When the car made 350kw at the rear wheels @9000rpms(Rotrex Supercharged 18psi.) Anthony was over the moon. The results lead him to have some more time off from the build to help him save up some money. While he was saving, Anthony began to completely change the look of the car. This involved installing a Voltex racing front bumper, Voltex side skirts, Spoon fenders, rear over fenders and rear diffuser. Anthony personally cut /welded the rear over fenders and installed them. Most these parts sat in his garage while he sourced out a big brake kit and wheels to match the setup. This followed by reinforcing the boot lid as the wing would cause it to bend. Anthony finally found the right wheels and ordered in some CCW’s and a Stoptech brake system which he felt really completed the look.

Every part of the car was a different colour at this point, so Anthony went to Jason Julian at JJ Performance Smash Repairs. Jason worked on the car, after he and Anthony settled on painting the s2000 with a Subaru 61k paint colour.

Once the paint was completed Anthony installed a few little cosmetic touches to make the car pop. He ordered in AP2 Front Headlights and went with the Car Shop Glow rear tail lights. The S2000 was basically done at this point but Anthony wanted a little more power without spending a huge amount of money… so the last piece of the puzzle was to add some Nos. The car was now complete.

Although Anthony bought car in 2013 with the intention of taking it to the track, the S2000 hasn’t hit the track yet. With the patience in the build and getting the car to where he wanted to be, Anthony has set his goals to take this beautifully crafted s2000 to the track in 2019.

Although Anthony worked on some of the fabrication of the external body parts himself, he wanted to give a huge thank you to BYP Racing (Benny/Jimmy Tran) for making the car what it is today and JJ Performance Smash Repairs (Jason Julian) for the outstanding paint work.

This Honda s2000 is truly a labour of love and is set for big things in the future.


– 350KW at the rear wheels @9000rpms – Rotrex Supercharged 18psi

– OEM F20C
– BYP Racing Stealth Rotrex Supercharged Kit C38-91– 18psi – E85
– Nitrous Express NOS Kit – Dry shot controlled via Hondata KPRO (Engaged 4000rpm – 8500rpm 50shot)
– Hasport Engine Mount
– Hasport Differential Mounts
– Tegiwa Headers Stainless Steel Tri-Y
– BYP Racing 70mm Titanium Exhaust Including Titanium Test Pipe
– Fuel System – Walbro 460lb – Bosch 1250cc Injectors

– OEM AP1 Gearbox and Differential
– Clutchmaster FX400 Clutch Kit
– Clutchmaster Lighten Flywheel

– Hondata S2000 KPRO ECU System

– Front – Stoptech Trophy 6 pot Calipers 355mm Big Brake kit
– Rear – Flypower 320mm 2piece Rotors and Caliper bracket

– CCW TS12 Forged Monoblock Wheels
– Front – 18×11
– Rear – 18×12
– Tyres – Yokohama Advan AD08 295/30/18

– Voltex Circuit S2000 Front Bar
– Voltex Race Splitter
– Voltex Canards
– Spoon Sport Front Fenders
– Amuse Rear Over Fenders
– OEM AP2 USDM Rear Bar
– OEM Genuine AP2 Headlights
– Car Shop Glow Rear Taillights
– Mugen Style Hardtop
– CF S2000 side skirt extension
– Voltex Rear Diffuser
– APR GT250 rear wing

– Sparco Pro 2000 Bucket Seat
– Sparco 4 point Race Harness
– Nardi 350mm Steering wheel

– GAB SS 2 way coilovers
– Buddyclub Front Lower Adjustable Roll Centre and camber


Hot Import Nights 2018 delivered the goods once again, this time with a bigger event and even more cars! It wasn’t all about quantity though with quality cars in attendance as far as the eye can see.

Entrants were also encouraged to complete their projects and reveal them at HIN which saw an abundance of fresh new builds. It’s safe to say the Australian car scene is thriving and we’re loving every minute of it.

Chook Tran’s Rocket Bunny 350z returned to HIN18, this time sporting an all new look and a sneaky rear mounted twin turbo set up!

It’s always nice seeing such a well executed and clean MKIV Supra.

They say stance is dead. They lied. Stance or not, we can always appreciate a quality build.

Some truly epic builds on display at the Body Form stand.

It was great to see Tuned International’s “OMORI” build up close. Quality!

Some seriously cool old Schoolers turned up to the event.

The J Racing stand always has crazy high-end builds on display. This AMG GTS sporting  Koya wheels and loads of carbon was on another level!

We’ve been following Jake’s EVO 9 build for quite some time. Widebody, Porsche Riviera Blue, Rays wheels and 560whp… A recipe for success that’s for sure.

The massive SSR Professor SP1’s finish off this well put together R35.

Anthony’s XRB26X R32 GTR is always a crowd favourite!

Check out that size difference!

Beautifully presented BMW E30.

 Our favorite Subaru from HIN18. Period.

Steven Fam’s recently finished Pandem BMW E36 looks fresh AF in that Daytona Violet hue. The ultimate summer cruiser.


In the nation’s capital we are unfortunately limited in numbers when it comes to the modified car community. But amongst these quiet suburban streets that surround Parliament House, you may have encountered flashes of purple fly past you, pops and bangs through the night or stared in confusion at what looks to be a broken car with deformed wheels. If any of these sound familiar to you, chances are you’ve probably seen Andy’s Nissan S15 Silvia; AKA “Samurai”.

Originally a bone stock ADM 200SX spec GT in Pewter Grey, Andy’s car has undergone progressive but constant changes throughout the years of ownership – but more on the mods later. Like so many others in the same generation, growing up through teenhood Andy was influenced by shows like Initial D, Tokyo Drift and games like Need for Speed Underground and Midnight Club. Emerging from these pop culture influences was a desire to eventually own his own Japanese sports car in the future.

Eventually, he found his Nissan S15; the quintessential ‘boy racer’ car that so many wanted to get a hold of. During a time where stock S15’s were a much more accessible commodity in the market, Andy didn’t have to look too long to find his base platform for his modding journey.

Beginning with basic aesthetic mods, Andy crafted his car to be his own and unique and for some time, the power was more than enough for his daily driving needs (especially having upgraded from a Toyota Celica!). Bound by his casual salary earnt from his part time job meant that a lot of mods had to be DIY however Andy has never been alone when it comes to modding his car. His dad, a proficient drive shaft mechanic has never hesitated to help out fabricate parts or just provide his advice where needed.

Fast forward a few years after the car’s initial purchase, and the modding bug for Andy started to bite hard. HKS Coilovers, GK Tech suspension arms and wide wheels helped to constantly push the acceptable boundaries for what was considered ‘low’ for a car. Currently the car is running an aggressive set of SSR SP3’s in Shadow Chrome, coupled with his signature shotgun cap wheel nut covers.

In addition to the wheels Andy slowly added all the carbon skirts, lips and rear diffusers you can think of to provide a sleeker finished look to the car. The look however was still yet to take its final form and through countless hours of practice and self-patience, Andy bravely wrapped his own car in midnight purple.

To achieve his planned power goals, Andy opted for a Garret 2871r with a custom T04 compressor housing, 6boost high mount manifold, Turbosmart external waste gate, GReddy camshafts and supporting cooling, ignition, fueling and head work necessary to keep the package reliable to drive every day. To manage all this, the car runs a Haltech Platinum Pro and has managed to achieve a healthy 260kw at the wheels.

Interior wise, the car has been tastefully modified with the most notable item being the bright red Bride seats that are cool enough (and functional) to justify the uncomfortable long distance trips to car events in Sydney or Wakefield. A set of functional gauges to monitor all the engine’s vitals like oil temps, pressure and boost were a later but necessary touch to give Andy some piece of mind when pushing his car at the track.

For as long as Andy has owned his S15, he’s always had a new mod or upgrade to his car to keep himself busy. Each month heralding a new item whether it be as simple as scoring an authentic JDM Aero front bar or in more extreme cases, a complete turbo overhaul. Fundamentally, it’s changes to your car that often keep enthusiasts passionate and bound to their pride and joy which allows for the journey to be more memorable than the end destination. And while nothing is forever, Andy is currently happy enjoying the car for what it is and has no immediate plans for any major changes in the new year.


– 350rwhp on 17psi and 98

– Supertech valve springs
– Supertech titanium retainers
– Supertech valve guides
– Supertech valve stem seals
– Dual guide shim mod
– Stainless steel valves
– Cosmetic head gasket
– ARP head studs
– GReddy 264 cams
– Tomei rocker arm stoppers
– GT2871R with custom T04S compressor housing and anti-surge porting
– Turbosmart external wastegate
– Steampipe high mount manifold
– Split Fire coil packs
– Sard FPR
– 3inch custom exhaust
– A-Spec blast pipes
– Apexi ECV
– Custom spark plug cover
– Front mount intercooler
– Nismo 740cc injectors
– Walbro 255L fuel pump
– 52mm alloy radiator
– GKTech fan
– GKTech oil catch can
– GKTech eccentric throttle wheel
– GKTech cooling panel
– 4inch alloy intake
– K&N pod filter
– Cold air intake
– Nismo oil cap
– Nismo radiator cap
– Engine damper
– Odyssey battery with custom mounting bracket

– Exedy HD organic clutch
– S15 6 speed gearbox
– GKTech braided clutch line

– Haltech Platinum Pro ECU
– Haltech wideband

– S15 calipers
– Forza Racing FP3 pads
– DBA slotted front and rear rotors
– GKTech braided brake lines
– GKTech master cylinder stopper

– SSR Professor SP3 18×9.5 +18, 18×10.5 +18
– Pirelli P-Zero 225/40/18, 235/40/18

– Wrapped 3M Deep Space
– Genuine Nissan aero body kit
– Genuine fog lights
– Custom front lip
– JSAI front canards
– JSAI side skirt and rear pod extensions
– Custom side skirt vortex generators
– Carbon Top Secret diffuser
– Carbon diffuser vortex generators
– Yashio Factory LED taillights
– Custom rear gurney flag
– Carbon exhaust shield
– Origin Labo carbon roof wing
– Nismo side indicators
– GKTech mirrors
– Black Works Racing tow hook

– Nardi Torino deep corn steering wheel
– NRG short boss kit
– NRG quick release
– Bride LowMax Stradia seats
– KAP Industries fire extinguisher bracket
– Drift handbrake button
– Prosport oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, boost gauges
– Haltech Wideband gauge
– Double DIN headunit
– Pioneer front and rear speakers
– 2x Pioneer 12inch subs in custom sub boxes

– HKS Hypermaxx coilovers
– Whiteline camber bolts
– Adjustable rear camber arms
– Adjustable rear toe arms
– Front and rear strut braces


There are very few cars that have expanded the minds of tuners to endless possibilities they can achieve when modifying their own cars. But, what is it that often makes these cars so desirable? Simple… It is their heart. The Nissan Skyline R32 GTR’s heart is like no other. The beautifully designed, well-engineered and highly durable RB engine has been at the top of most people’s list when they decide to build a car. So, when Gus Oberhardt decided to get rid of his iconic VL Turbo, the logical transition was to upgrade to the GODZILLA.

Gus’s interest for Nissan’s and RB powered engines was developed from an early age. His fascination for the R32 grew from the legendary status the cars developed at Bathurst; being the first six-cylinders to become king of the mountain and ultimately causing it to being banned forever from the event.

Although Gus’s very first car was the Holden Commodore VL Calais Turbo, a car many would consider legendary in its own right, there was something that drew him towards the Nissan Skyline R32. Perhaps it was the appeal of AWD, perhaps it was the way it looked or because of its bad boy status, whatever it was, the R32 Godzilla has been with Gus for 10 years now.

When he purchased the car in 2008 it had a few tasteful modifications; gold Sparco wheels, a 3.5 inch stainless exhaust and old school bolstering coilovers. Apart from this, the car was stock standard. The original RB26 motor was starting to feel the effects of years of neglect, so Gus decided it was time to rebuild the engine.

Gus employed the help of his father and the first engine they built together produced 530whp with a Garrett TO4Z turbo and still on pump fuel. This engine saw a good-life, lasting 90,000kms plus, before it needed to be freshened up and go to the next stage of its development.

The only way to go from here was up, and up it did! The RB26 N1 block was decked, honed, bored, tunnelled and chemically cleaned in preparation for some serious abuse. Forged Mahle pistons and rings and Argo ‘I’ beam conrods were fitted to strengthen things, along with ARP studs, N1 water pump and a Greddy oil pump.

The head was also treated to some goodies in the form of 280deg Camtech cams, 1mm oversize stainless valves, titanium retainers and CNC ported head. Hanging from the hot-side of the motor is a well matched Precision 68/70 turbo and Turbosmart 48mm wastegate. The results? Try 898whp @37psi on e85!

Managing the GTR’s moving parts and keeping it in check is a Vipec E88 ECU. Gus has opted for a standard R33 GTR 5 speed gearbox to help put the power down with the addition of a NPC twin plate clutch. The diffs are currently standard and hating life no doubt, but will be upgraded once necessary.

If you’re thinking the colour of this immaculate R32 is not factory, you would be correct. Gus tells us that the car was actually imported in this colour and that no one seems to have answers as to the exact specs. “I imagine some Japanese tuner starting with bayside blue and adding some tints”. The idea was to keep the exterior clean with the addition of CF Ganador mirrors, CF ABflug diffuser, CF N1 boot/bonnet lip and JUN grill.

Wheels can make or break a build. On Gus’s GTR the 19×10.5 Custom 3 Piece Forged Ms Comp 10’s complement the bodylines perfectly and are wrapped in Nitto invo tyres all round for that extra bit of grip. Lurking behind the spokes are a set of R33 GTR Brembo brakes with EBC green stuff pads, while BC Type R coilovers take care of the ride quality.

As per the rest of the build, the interior has the same quality feel. The Bride Gias seats do what they should, the Nismo steering wheel / gear knob give the driver the hands on grip, while the Stewart Warner gauges and Mines 320km dash provide the data.

The future plans for the car are simple… stroke the engine when it has had enough and install a decent H-pattern gearbox; because in Gus’s eyes, a sequential gearbox is cheating 😉 .

Gus would like to give a big thank you to his dad for all the help, support and guidance he has provided over the past 10 years. But, the biggest thank you goes to his wife Sarah for putting up with his obsession.


– 793rwhp on 27psi and e85
– 898rwhp on 37psi and e85  

– N1 block decked, honed, bored, tunnelled and chemically cleaned shot peened and nitrated.
– Fully prepped crankshaft with shot-peening as well as the block.
– Argo ‘ I’ beam conrods
– Forged Mahle pistons and rings,
ARP main studs and head studs
N1 water pump.
Greddy oil pump
Baffled Hi Octane extended sump
Ross crank/ cam trigger kit
FPG alternator
280deg Camtech cams
Super tech:
1mm oversize stainless valves
Double valve springs
Bronze valve guides
Titanium retainers
Cnc ported head
Cometic head gasket
Hi octane cam cover baffles
HKS timing gears/belt
Godzilla Motorsport coil kit
Custom exhaust manifold
Precision PTE 68/70
Turbosmart 48mm wastegate
Tial 50mm BOV
HKS hard pipes
HKS intercooler
50mm jap copper radiator
Nismo strut brace
Custom catch can
ID 2000 injectors
Twin feed billet fuel rail
Eflex sensor
Twin Bosch 044 pumps
Walbro 460L intank pump
2.8L surge tank
4” turbo back exhaust
K&n pod filter
Jun oil cap
Nismo radiator cap

– NPC twin plate clutch
– STD R33 GTR 5 speed

– Vipec E88

– R33 GTR Brembo’s
EBC green stuff pads
Braided brake lines

– Custom 3 Piece Forged Ms Comp 10’s
– 19×10.5/ 275/30 Nitto invo tyres all round

– CF Ganador mirrors
CF Abflug diffuser
CF N1 boot lip/bonnet lip
JUN grill

– Bride Gias seats
Nismo gear Knob
Nismo steering Wheel
Stewart Warner gauges
Mines 320km dash

– BC Type R coilovers
Front and rear camber arms


Cars are an extension of who we are. They capture and bring to life the wonders of the world around us and for some; they are the embodiment of dreams and goals that were established as a young child. For Kakzzman, this was bringing to life the world of Initial D through the iconic Toyota AE86.

The Japanese Manga, Initial D, revolved around the life of Japanese streets racers, who raced their cars not on the urban streets, but in the mountains. The main character used the AE86 as his delivery car, but then transformed it into a drift machine. The cars’ inherent qualities earned the AE86 an early and enduring international prominence establishing it as a cult icon, inextricably interwoven with the earliest days of drifting.

As Kakzzman progressed through life, he built numerous cars, but was never truly satisfied with them. Yes, he liked them, but the soft spot that he had developed for the AE86 was to great pass up. So, three years ago he purchased a completely stock Toyota Levin.

Because the AE86 in the original Initial D series is not a Levin, but in fact a Trueno, Kakzzman converted it into the iconic car; complete with the panda black and white paint theme.

The temptation to buy a car that has been worked on is a financially rewarding risk; you get a modified car without having to pay the hefty price tag and the loss of time that goes into building your very own ride. But, you run the risk of it not meeting the criteria you have once you drive it… dumping more money in it in the long run. Kakzzman decided that the only way was to build the car from the ground up; employing the help of his good friend Champ Pandaeng.

Pandaeng assisted with every aspect of the build, even painting the car car in the iconic Initial D paint job. To distinguish his AE86 to that of others, wider carbon fenders, carbon bonnet, fog lights and a TRD rear spoiler were added.

Fake wheels were not going to cut it for Kakzzman’s build! TE37V’s wrapped in Yokohama Ad050’s were fitted to the car in big boy offsets 15×9.5-20 and 15×10.5-25. To make sure the car sat right and drove better, BC coilovers were installed with a LAILE beatrush strut brace and Cusco sway bars front/rear.

Living in the 86 engine bay is the now legendary 4AGE 20V blacktop, with the addition of ITB’s, N2 spec headers and a 5zigen exhaust system. A TRD gearbox and LSD rear-end complete the drivetrain.

Kakzzman has kept the interior of the 86 aesthetically appealing yet very functional. Recaro SPA and SP3 recaro seats hold the driver and passenger in tight, while the Nardi steering wheel keeps the car straight. The Cusco 6 point roll cage keeps with the race spec theme, and the Karo floor matts, TRD gear knob and Apexi neo2 add to the details.

As most tuners will change their cars up every few years, Kakzzman does not plan of getting rid of the car anytime soon. He is in love with the AE86 and his only ambitions are to continue to take the build further.


The life of a tuner can be a difficult one. You are constantly thinking of ways to modify your car to make it stand out from the crowd. What rims am I going to buy? Do I go widebody? What parts do I need to increase power or do I do an engine swap? It is the last question that poses the biggest issues because on one hand swapping engines can create some serious power or create really unique cars. On the other hand swapping the engine losses the cars originality, causing it to greatly drop in value. This debate has divided tuners and collectors alike. But, for Ryan Austin the answer was simple… swapping the engine meant he could get the most power out of the Nissan S14 200sx.

Ryan purchased the S14 because he wanted to upgrade from the S13 he had been driving. The S13 was RB25 swapped, produced 450whp on pump fuel and was a great street car, but the S14 was more desirable, a little newer and also allowed for bigger wheels to be fitted under the guards.

Having owned the car for over five and a half years the car has come a long way from the way it was when Ryan originally purchased the car, which was just a standard red rolling shell with no seats and no wheels. Today, the car is unrecognisable from the way it was purchased, with the RB25 from the S13 replacing the S14’s SR20 motor. But, one thing did remain and that was Ryan’s original goal to create a super clean and tidy S14 with big rims.

When it came to building the car, Ryan did a lot of the work himself. This allowed him to really get a feel for the car and what needed to be done. But, when it came to fabrication work, tuning and painting, Ryan employed the help from a few people. Dan at FabLab did the fabrication, Sam at Whitey’s wiring for the loom, Varun at 101 Motorsport for the tune and Mark Dunn did the paint.

The list of modifications for Ryan’s RB powered S14 is long, but includes Tomei cam gears, Garrett 3582r turbo sitting on a 6boost exhaust manifold, Turbosmart 50mm progate and a 4” custom stainless exhaust with 5” tip. To keep up with the cars thirst the fuel system comprises of Bosch 2000cc injectors and a Walbro 465 intank fuel pump. Final power figures are an impressive 518hp on 22psi. One thing that stands out in the bay is the RB26 leopard print engine covers, which Ryan thanks his wife for suggesting because they really set the car apart. It’s refreshing to see something a little different.

The brains behind the operation is a Haltech E11V2 that connects to a Racepak dash. To cope with the extra punishment the drivetrain was upgraded to a rebuilt RB25 gearbox with cryo treated gears and a Direct Clutch Services twin plate with billet flywheel. The rear end was also upgraded to a R33 diff and shafts.

Ryan always wanted a set of big wheels under the guards of the S14. Quality wheels were the only option, choosing to go for a set of Work VSXX’s with an aggressive front 18×9.5 -10 and rear 18×11 -5. The factory braking was treated to upgrades slotted rotors and EBC red stuff pads along with braided brake lines. Helping the car ride like it should are BC BR coilovers, extended front control arms, Maxima tie rods, Hardrace tie rod ends and castor rods along with a tone other goodies.

To make sure the exterior of the S14 was up to scratch it was given a complete overhaul with a new body kit comprising of a Navan front bar, side skirts and rear bar, Dmax boot lip, Ganador mirrors and series 2 tail lights cleared in candy. To tie it all together the car was then resprayed in Honda Odyssey purple by Mark Dunn.

The interior of the S14 was not left untouched and received the attention it deserved with a set of Bride Zeta III fixed back seats and Crow Enterprises harnesses holding Ryan in place. A Cusco 7 point cage with door bars and harness bar, Nardi deep corn steering wheel and We Are Likewise shifter was also added.

During the two and a half year build, Ryan had a great deal of support from his wife, as he went through the ups and downs of building the car. He would like to send a special thanks to Dan and Fablab, as well as Varun at 101 Motorsport. As Ryan looks to the future, he is pretty happy and content with the way the car has turned out. He believes the car is about finished, with the main focus being to continually maintain and keep the S14 looking clean.


– 518hp on 22psi

– RB25 Motor
– RB26 covers
– Camtech cams, valves and springs
– Tomei cam gears
– ARP head studs
– Nitto head gasket
– Gates timing belt
– 6boost exhaust manifold
– Garrett 3582r
– Turbosmart 50mm progate
– 4” custom stainless exhaust with 5”tip
– Turbosmart boost tee
– Slide Industries plenum with throttle body
– Sard fuel rail
– Bosch 2000cc injectors
– Turbosmart 1200 hp fuel reg
– Walbro 465 intank fuel pump
– Koyo radiator
– Aeroflow twin 10” thermo fans
– Nismo thermostat
– Aeroflow 600x300x100 intercooler
– Custom intercooler pipes
– Custom 2 in 1 catch can and overflow bottle
– Solid engine mounts
– Astra power steering pump
– Braided lines and fitting used throughout the engine bay

– Rebuilt RB25 gearbox with cryo treated gears
– Direct clutch services twin plate
– Billet flywheel
– Cube short shifter
– 1 piece tail-shaft
– Custom gearbox crossmember and solid mount
– R33 diff and driveshafts
– Solid diff bushes

– Haltech E11V2
– Racepak dash and sensors
– Custom wiring and tucked loom

– Front 300mm 2 piece vented and slotted rotors
– Front PBR calipers.
– Rear r31 skyline slotted and dimpled rotorsR
– Rear refurbished r31 calipers
– Wilwood brake bias
– Hydraulic handbrake
– All new brake and fuel lines

– Work VSXX wheels
– Front: 18×9.5 -10
– Rear: 18×11 -5

– Full respray in Honda Odyssey purple
– Shaved engine bay, bootholes and aerial
– Navan front bar
– Navan side skirts
– Navan rear pods
– Jdm front guards
– Jdm rear bar
– Dmax boot lip
– Ganador mirrors
– Series 2 tailights cleared in candy red
– We are likewise wheel nuts and royals
– Pomponazzi glass coating

– Bride zeta 3 fixed back seats
– Bride fg rails
– Crow enterprise harnesses
– Cusco 7 point cage with door bars and harness bar
– Nardi deep corn steering wheel
– We are likewise shifter
– Stripped rear and painted interior

– Bc br coilovers
– 25mm extended front control arms
– Maxima tie rods
– Hardrace tie rod ends
– Hardrace castor rods
– 20mm shortened rear control arms
– Gktech rear camber arms
– Gktech rear toe arms
– Solid cradle bushes
– C pillar brace


Take a rare car in Australia. A 72 Datsun 510 Bluebird that was never sold locally, in fact the few in the country are personal imports generally from Japan. A Datsun enthusiast dreams to own one right? Probably a good idea to stay with the L16 and don’t mess with things too much due to the value of these things. Owner Shaun White did not have this responsible vision in his mind when he purchased this 510. He is a Datsun fan and a rotary fan and thought ‘thought why not stick a bloody rotary in it?’ Sure it’s not going to make everyone happy but if you don’t like it then you can eat a male genital (maybe this wasn’t the word Shaun used here).

The Datsun 1600 is a truly legendary car in Australia. It was one of the first classic jap tin machines to gain popularity and value. They were well proportioned, light, damn near indestructible and happen to have a pretty advanced (for back in the day) semi-trailing independent rear suspension setup, not to mention the L16 was easy to work on and was happy to take a beating. Not only was it a great road car but it also made a very capable rally car, I think most rally drivers can say at some stage they have fanged a 1600 between the trees on a special stage. So it’s only natural for the coupe variant (not to be confused with the 2 door sedan), enjoy the same popularity and neck snapping ability wherever they drive in the country.

At 12 years old Shaun knew he had to own one of these cars, at the time his eBay account (he may have told a fib about his age) was SSS_510. He was drawn to Datsuns by his brother who owned a black Stanza rocking some twin webbers. Shaun remembers being 8 years old and thinking it was the coolest thing getting around. Move forward 18 years and Shaun started the search for his own 510 SSS.

Shaun purchased this 510 in reasonable condition from an Importer based in NSW. He flew over, fell in love and drive it straight back to Adelaide, didn’t miss a beat! First thing for Shaun was to do something about the original faded paint, so it was stripped back and had some fresh big bird yellow paint applied and has a very JDM style front chin spoiler installed.

Next step was an altitude adjustment, front end runs full Datsport Coilovers and camber tops and the rear sit on super low king springs to get it sitting much lower to the ground. At the same time brakes were also upgraded front and rear with all Datsport components. To complete the stance the standard wheels were replaced with period correct SSR MKIII. 15×8 in the front and 15×8.5 in the rear with some stretched tyres to keep them within the guards.

Then came the somewhat controversial part of this build, to swap the L16 out with something not Datsun based, not Nissan based, hell not even a piston motor, a Mazda 13B Jport. As quoted by Shaun, “I love Datsun’s, I love rotaries so why not both?” (insert brand name taco meme here).

Solid engineering in Adelaide did all work and it looks like it’s right at home in the engine bay. Excess wiring was hidden and attention to detail was important when putting the engine bay together, a big alloy radiator and a bright yellow battery completes the clean look. The engine was ported curtsey of Whippet rotaries and a webber was fitted to put a little extra power down.

A custom exhaust was then knocked up to give the distinctive 13B its unique note. It’s not subtle at all, it can be heard from what seems like half a km away but the sound was one of the biggest attractions for Shaun to fit the 13B in the first place.

Like any project car it’s never really finished. Shaun plans to have the car fully engineered and has some interior touches to cap off this amazing car.

This car is a great example of an owner building something exactly what they wanted, not listening to the crowd telling him what he should and shouldn’t do. There should be more enthusiasts like that these days, too many cars that are looking exactly the same and running the same driveline that it’s a breath of fresh air someone taking a rare car and just doing exactly what he wanted with it.